Friday, July 4, 2014

Harry S. Truman - Aircraft Carrier

A couple weekends ago Rachel and I got the privilege to go out to sea on the aircraft carrier the Harry S. Truman.  The ship had just returned form a 9 month deployment and was hosting a "friends and family day".  This is a rare occurrence, only happening every few years.  This being one of the carriers that Rachel works on in her job, we were able to get tickets to attend.

On the flight deck.

Rachel in front of the Island and Bridge of the carrier.  The only place we couldn't go to.

Here you can see the catapult, which launches the planes.

Airshow where the planes demonstrated landing on the carrier.

Here is a video of a jet landing on the carrier.

Video of a plane taking off.

This is a video of a jet going super sonic.  You can see where he breaks the sound barrier.

The chance to go on a carrier and going out to see was an amazing opportunity.  But being able to see the planes, these supersonic jet planes land on this carrier, not thirty feet away from you, that was amazing.

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